I have always been so passionate about character performance and it has been something I missed during the course of my study at Concordia University. As Virtual Reality was the medium under my attention, scenography as well as interaction design started to dominate the performative and temporal aspect of my practices. I decided to bring it to forth in my upcoming projects as much as I can, so I decided to refresh my animation skills in Maya. I used TMNT Raphael – Maya Rig for this exercise. Among four characters of TMNT Raphael was incidentally my favorite childhood character. I was curious to see how it feels to set him in the traditional setting of Zoorkhaneh acting like a Morshed (leader). After exploring many audiovisual references from Zoorkhaneh, I used this video as the main one.

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  • Character 3D Model and Textures by Joao Sousa @joaosousaart
  • Rigging by Sebastiao Lopes @sebastiaolop
  • Character Concept Art by Luigi Lucarelli @helloluigi
  • Original character created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird