I was involved as a design consultant and 3D scenographer in developing the primarily architectural concepts of the SATELLITE project by the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT). Hinged on the Mozilla Hub technology, SATTELITE is planned to be an immersive social platform which hosts artistic and cultural events. People could participate with or without a VR headset over an internet browser, and this makes the platform far more accessible.

My mission was to design a futuristic and expandable structure with the theme of spaceship which could initially be home to at least forty of the Québec cultural organizations. I started with creating a mood board out of a broad visual exploration I did around the key design features envisioned by Monique Savoie, the founder and then artistic director of the SAT. 

The Satosphere dome has been a visual signature of the SAT building, part of its architectural identity and the core of its major events. I tried to make the domes visually dominant in this virtual counterpart, and fuse it with a fractal pattern which allows for a possible tessellated expansion in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. The idea was to scale the virtual embodiment of the visitors down when they teleport into the smaller circular zones away from the center. This way, their relative size remains the same all the time.

The vertical axis which is the spine cord of the spaceship visually connects the Satosphere from the upper floors to the spherical structure at the lowest part with a 360 view over any chosen background.


Each circular zone is dedicated to one specific cultural organization from Québec. The variety of the design for each zone could vary in accordance with the organizer’s specific needs. The unique look of each dome makes them scattered landmarks benefiting the navigation around different parts of the spaceship.